A large map of CQ-WW-DX World Map (140x200cm).
To date, the largest, most detailed and most accurate map of the world amateur.
  On the map are:

    CQ-zone (WAZ);
    WW-locators (large QTH-locators);
    DX-DXCC country;
    The names of countries;
    The capitals of all countries;
    Many cities and towns;
    The names of the oceans, seas, bays, straits, lakes and rivers;
    The names of a huge number of islands;
    The division in many countries in the areas of amateur radio and the region;
    Assigned radio amateur areas of numbers, letters, prefixes and other identifiers;
    Time Zones;
    List of prefixes distribution by country;
    The enlarged map of the Caribbean and the Antarctic;
    More a lot of other useful information.

Map performed on the vinyl banner with fabric backing.
Forwarded folded to A2 size plastic bag.
The cost of map - 69 $ (or 60 )
+ shipping - 23 $ (or 20 ).



For Radio Amateurs